Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you thinking BRIC , think CIBJAR..

BRIC is talking and taking shape. Lets cement it first and add in Japan and Australia into the scheme of affairs. G20 , BRIC and what i foresee as CIBJAR will ensure that Tom Friedman was right on his vision of a flat world.

First we brought down the Berlin Wall , then we are erecting the BRIC bloc , next we need to bring the Great Wall of China ( pun Intended) . An open and liberalized China will do a lot more good then their present role as manufacturing home to the world and buying the American government bonds to inter exchange their myopic objectives.

Aravindan Umashankar wrote:
June 25, 2009 2:10

The raise of the BRIC block is significant in many ways.For the first time in over a half a century; the world order has moved on from a bipolar to tripolar to a flatter agglomeration of BRIC nation as diverse in their make and function , yet synonymous in a factor of "Growth" while the world slips into red. "Growth" plus consumption make the four nations formidable. BRIC has shown promise, but it will take long for them to impact on an equal footing to the EU & US on world economic affairs. With 40 % of world population who by the way are way too younger than the rest of the world represent a inferential force that can be wishes away.Lets fuel this raise and watch this closely with out prejudice. A flat world with political and economic balance is always better than a polarized world. Celebrate the raise of the BRIC with responsible ra ra. Time will tell the rest!

Aravindan Umashankar wrote:
June 25, 2009 2:31

BRIC is presently a BIAS! That most are leaning to this is another matter altogether. The famous four are seen to be relatively unaffected by the the global melt down. Even as we pick up the BRIC connotation from a wall street exec research work ; the block represents us as unit of optimism. Their ebullient growth will cheer economic analysts and financial gurus who dabble in numbers in green and red. To me they are in their present form a lesser evil bunch of malleable fundamentalism. Since they consume on their own what they produce, their growth and raise wont hurt vested interests of the other famous colonizing counterparts in the west. CIBJAR is more like it the way I would like to see adding in Japan and Australia. Spread prosperity and the cause of a green world to the entire planet is the ultimate goal. For now the BRIC medicine is appropriate to quell a century old stereo type of the world view & mind set.