Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Human Resources for OneWorld

Human Resource isnt finding another brick in the wall,it about finding humane leaders & thinking followers to build a purposeful world of existence beyond stock markets into societies we inhibit. Business have long chased the cause of finding followers who had an implicit ability to follow like automated machines.Others did better. They charged the manpower with an ambition of self wealth generation thus creating a society of selfish islands working to meet their narrow objectives.The aspirations of the society therefore was ill with values stopping at nil.

The knowledge economy & the power of internet creates a possibility of sharing information wealth selflessly.We have already seen that information when shared increases in its intrinsic value. Now if only business & societies found a purpose of sharing services in tandem with knowledge to one & all. I guess once the purpose finds its mark the means of wealth creation is easy to follow.Leaders than will arise to serve the cause & followers shall think with their hearts & follow to serve & share

A flaw which exists today is the way capitalistic forces incentivise a select bunch of risk takers.Hence the risk takers take limited risk resulting in islands of economic progress which in any case is brittle by the quarter.

I am glad that amongst two of the greatest capitalists of our era Bill Gates & Warren Buffet have realized this and invested their hard fought/earned abundant wealth into causes elevating global good. How else can we define the acts of some of our greatest business icons spending the sunset days delivering the promise of philanthropy.From Rockfeller to David Packard.

More needs to follow.There in lies the challenge of human resource strategists to levitate the present existential bluff to a world that must be.After all its we the people who matter along with other beings on planet earth. Until then lets keep counting heads of the brittle bricks on the wall & other notional wealth.

OneWorld is the Company for which HR needs to create the dream team ! This would be fantasy for those who can imagine only as far as their life's influence.Reality & Change occur only when we give imagination a break from logic & dream audaciously. For now the human resource leaders , it suffice to start applying strategies beyong corporate balance sheets to balance of life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you thinking BRIC , think CIBJAR..

BRIC is talking and taking shape. Lets cement it first and add in Japan and Australia into the scheme of affairs. G20 , BRIC and what i foresee as CIBJAR will ensure that Tom Friedman was right on his vision of a flat world.

First we brought down the Berlin Wall , then we are erecting the BRIC bloc , next we need to bring the Great Wall of China ( pun Intended) . An open and liberalized China will do a lot more good then their present role as manufacturing home to the world and buying the American government bonds to inter exchange their myopic objectives.

Aravindan Umashankar wrote:
June 25, 2009 2:10

The raise of the BRIC block is significant in many ways.For the first time in over a half a century; the world order has moved on from a bipolar to tripolar to a flatter agglomeration of BRIC nation as diverse in their make and function , yet synonymous in a factor of "Growth" while the world slips into red. "Growth" plus consumption make the four nations formidable. BRIC has shown promise, but it will take long for them to impact on an equal footing to the EU & US on world economic affairs. With 40 % of world population who by the way are way too younger than the rest of the world represent a inferential force that can be wishes away.Lets fuel this raise and watch this closely with out prejudice. A flat world with political and economic balance is always better than a polarized world. Celebrate the raise of the BRIC with responsible ra ra. Time will tell the rest!

Aravindan Umashankar wrote:
June 25, 2009 2:31

BRIC is presently a BIAS! That most are leaning to this is another matter altogether. The famous four are seen to be relatively unaffected by the the global melt down. Even as we pick up the BRIC connotation from a wall street exec research work ; the block represents us as unit of optimism. Their ebullient growth will cheer economic analysts and financial gurus who dabble in numbers in green and red. To me they are in their present form a lesser evil bunch of malleable fundamentalism. Since they consume on their own what they produce, their growth and raise wont hurt vested interests of the other famous colonizing counterparts in the west. CIBJAR is more like it the way I would like to see adding in Japan and Australia. Spread prosperity and the cause of a green world to the entire planet is the ultimate goal. For now the BRIC medicine is appropriate to quell a century old stereo type of the world view & mind set.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Government Motors but Dammed Detroitosaurus can still Disco !

THE demise of GM had been expected for so long that when it finally died there was barely a whimper. Wall Street was unmoved. Congress did not draw breath. America shrugged. Yet the indifference with which the news was received should not obscure its importance. A company which once sold half the cars in America, employed in its various guises as many people as the combined populations of Nevada and Delaware and was regarded as a model for managers all over the world has just gone under; and its collapse holds important lessons about management, about government and about the future of the car industry.

"Managing Culture is our main Business" was said by the most famous 1990s American Manager who penned "Who Say Elephants Cant Dance" ? For starters he saved an American icon which is curently OnDemand. Now they are Thinking of a Smarter Planet. Not only did Big Blue change the rules of business engagement, they exited some head ache loss making businesses. Even those which were core to their identity like the PC and other hardware business.

Today more than a third of their business profitability comes from Software business and their over all business sweetly rewamped in a portfolio of annuity business. Now that was transformational.

Apple shrugged the looming online music piracy bane and converted into a billon dollar rainmaking cash cow ! the apple story is outstanding in context as Apple II is all about music sales as much as it is about computers. And guess what the Computer in Apple Computer got dropped last year. The Personal Computers from the IBM PC got sold to lenovo.

May be GM should let go sales of cars with its badge and focus as a contract manufacturer , Supply chain management company globalised in operations and service hub fueling next generation cars with bio fuels and brainy rechargable batteries. That'll create more jobs and avoid the legendary plants at Detroit and Delaware from being shut !

Now that a huge ego issue for America .isnt it ? Thats is a cultural issue in as much as it is a ego hassle. So we expect a lot from the "New Government Motors"

For several decades or so it seems that GM was a victim of the industrial megalomania and corporate nar⋅cis⋅sism that self consumed the gaint with inefficient , gas guzzling , American ego fueling , SUV's ( Super Useless Vehicles). When the nimble footed japanese and quality focused germans and super fast Koreans hit the fast lane , they not only came up with smart cars but lean ones too , mean performance, quality and value for money and light on pocket & light on environment four wheelers!

When times changed the GM think tanks also tried to shrugg of the SUV mistep. But the GM culture was deep and cancerous. Now lean and mean with half its original line up , they are better positioned to adopt Kaizen principles ! Look for Blue Oceans and Compete into the future.

With Hummer going going gone under the hammer and saturn, saab and pontiac eclipsed the new GM can drive with green Cadillac, Chevy,Buick and GMC mostly on Indian and Chinese roads more than at Mountain View.

Art of unlearning the Alfred Sloan legacy will be tough. What got GM here wont get New GM there ! Chevy Volte is a spec of possibility on a road long captured by Toyota's Prius and other hybrids.They need to take a leaf from guys at www.betterplace.com as the world needs a betterplace.

Recreating a industry model like the thought behind "betterplace" can be a market making endevour. An Ode to Ford and study of the beasts from the east like
Tata's "nano" is still very much plausible !

But then culture vultures needs to be in sync with the necciated dictats of what the individual customer can afford in these times of recession and future fossil fuel independency. Be it biting cold or blazing sun , the billions in India and China will buy more cars than the whole world put togather in the next five years.

If markets are shifting then why not shift the corporate strategy, people strategy , design strategy , execution strategy and management strategy. Why not make culture the key strategy !

"When the rate of change outside the organisation is greater than the rate of change inside the organisation then the end is in sight" - Yes we sighted the Chapter 11 end. Now for a new start ! GM Redux will depend on the following points :-

Fritz Henderson must get this guy "Shai Agassi" on the Board along with "Ratan Tata" and Edward Whitacre, Jr. as Chairman of New GM not such a great idea.He already sit on the heavy weight Exxon board and he builds a New GM running on fuel cells and solar power. Conficting isnt it ? AT&T is also such a dusty legacy right?

Even as we tune into twitter and facebook for the re:invention of the New GM a few glaring and uncomfortable questions around cultural transformations remain. Its about execution like the Big Blue did and reinvention like Mark Hurd HP has !

The political time window is the next 3 years or further 4 more if Obama lasts another term unscathed from the global recession.

New GM need to fit in the new global economic architecture integrating the Americas, Dragon Land , Land of Raising Sun , EU and BRIC walls .

Assuming that Capitol Hill and Unions stay subtle at management interventions and management swift to external changes!Government Motors is Dammed but Detroitosaurus can Disco ! IF Only ............................................

Before it too late ..Henderson catch hold of the "The LongTail Pipe" ( The Green phrophet Shai Agassi Blog" | http://shaiagassi.typepad.com/the_long_tailpipe/ |

And more as yours truly will add to cement some points and perspective to put them in meaningful context ..stay glued !

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Treasure of Life as an Experience !

Money has no memory. Experience has. You will never know what the total cost of your education was, but for a lifetime you will recall and relive the memories of schools and colleges. Few years from now, you will forget the amount you paid to settle the hospitalization bill, but will ever cherish having saved your mother's life or the life you get to live with the just born. You won't remember the cost of your honeymoon, but to the last breath remember the experiences of the bliss of togetherness. Money has no memory. Experience has.

Good times and bad times, times of prosperity and times of poverty, times when the future looked so secure and times when you didn't know from where the tomorrow will come... life has been in one way or the other a roller-coaster ride for everyone. Beyond all that abundance and beyond all that deprivation, what remains is the memory of experiences. Sometimes the wallet was full... sometimes even the pocket was empty. There was enough and you still had reasons to frown. There wasn't enough and you still had reasons to smile. Today, you can look back with tears of gratitude for all the times you had laughed together, and also look back with a smile at all the times you cried alone. All in all, life filled you with experiences to create a history of your own self, and you alone can remember them all.

The first time you balanced yourself on your cycle without support... The first time she said 'yes' and it was two years since you proposed... The first cry... the first steps... the first word... the first kiss... all of your child... The first gift you bought for your parents and the first gift your daughter gave you... The first award... the first public appreciation... the first stage performance... And the list is endless... Experiences, with timeless memory... No denying that anything that's material cost money, but the fact remains the cost of the experience will be forgotten, but the experience never.

So, what if it's economic recession? Let it be, but let there not be a recession to the quality of your life. You can still take your parents, if not on a pilgrimage, at least to the local temple. You can still play with your children, if not on an international holiday, at least in the local park. It doesn't cost money to lie down or to take a loved one onto your lap. Nice time to train the employees, create leadership availability and be ready for the wonderful times when they arrive. Hey! Aspects like your health, knowledge development and spiritual growth are not economy dependent.

Time will pass... economy will revive... currency will soon be in current... and in all this; I don't want you to look back and realize you did nothing but stayed in gloom. If you are not happy with what you have, no matter how much more you have, you will still not be happy.

Make a statement with the way you live your life.

Respect life, live with passion.


Catch two remarkable movies that epitomize the undeniable magic of life , that magic of positive thinking and the magic of hope !