Friday, February 26, 2010

Harnessing relevance with the Generation Next..& Unbound Opportunities up Ahead

The Season of prosperity unfolding slowly. This may be the umpteenth time that I blog this -"We are living in unprecedented times" & the opportunity before us is one that our forefathers never could have imagined.Call me an optimist but I see pavements glitzing in gold..and we have to pick the lazer cut diamonds from the streets..but for that..we need to wear a sneaker which time flies & ensure the laces of SHOE STRINGS arent tied to the either feets..

Parents for starters shouldn't conjure imaginations of a Greg Louganis Olympian in their kiddos..Let the children conjure their own dreams and size it to their potential..but some parents are hell bent to size it to their 70 mm 1980 or 1990s screen..if they did there will be a blurred vision for sure..

...I am telling students to nurture more than 4 crafts and it will be nice if these are a part of their passion instead of being thrust upon a stereo type career calling fitting social stigmas of today.

Most of todays teens juggle their time at college with DJing, trying their hand at music , and other career streams prospect..I am sure when they take up that job they arent ready for a 9-7.30 detention in green glassy campuses ..

Irregular earnings (income) flow will be the order of the day.So consumption lead economic growth may create pit falls. Saving for rainy recession/uncertain days ahead seems to be the mantra. We are our business capital..and the capital crunch is in the vault on top of our eyes..the keys to unlock the vault is also in there..the Older we get the more rusted the lock gets ..they eyes see less and the mind makes it see lesser...

Call it age factor ..the young today can see the future more than the old ..if only they took their eyes off the iPOD & sms texts ...their young heart pumps hot & energetic blood to power their dreams..the broadband can be put to better use..broadband get them global faster than it did for teenagers of 1990's..the 3G spectrum will get them hooked on to instant NOW syndrome..and i am willing to only look at the positives with a what next approach

I am saying all this ! THATs right , Haven't been practicing all that so far..will do hence forth. But the kids are lapping it up..I wish this talks work well for them.......Kal Aaj Aur Kal...Gen X to Gen Z..we changed a lot ...from a 2 track careers in 1980's to todays 1000's of opportunities as career roles..lets roll on for the better ..roll a world with more vibrant colors .. to lets imagine more on this ...