Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Human Resources for OneWorld

Human Resource isnt finding another brick in the wall,it about finding humane leaders & thinking followers to build a purposeful world of existence beyond stock markets into societies we inhibit. Business have long chased the cause of finding followers who had an implicit ability to follow like automated machines.Others did better. They charged the manpower with an ambition of self wealth generation thus creating a society of selfish islands working to meet their narrow objectives.The aspirations of the society therefore was ill with values stopping at nil.

The knowledge economy & the power of internet creates a possibility of sharing information wealth selflessly.We have already seen that information when shared increases in its intrinsic value. Now if only business & societies found a purpose of sharing services in tandem with knowledge to one & all. I guess once the purpose finds its mark the means of wealth creation is easy to follow.Leaders than will arise to serve the cause & followers shall think with their hearts & follow to serve & share

A flaw which exists today is the way capitalistic forces incentivise a select bunch of risk takers.Hence the risk takers take limited risk resulting in islands of economic progress which in any case is brittle by the quarter.

I am glad that amongst two of the greatest capitalists of our era Bill Gates & Warren Buffet have realized this and invested their hard fought/earned abundant wealth into causes elevating global good. How else can we define the acts of some of our greatest business icons spending the sunset days delivering the promise of philanthropy.From Rockfeller to David Packard.

More needs to follow.There in lies the challenge of human resource strategists to levitate the present existential bluff to a world that must be.After all its we the people who matter along with other beings on planet earth. Until then lets keep counting heads of the brittle bricks on the wall & other notional wealth.

OneWorld is the Company for which HR needs to create the dream team ! This would be fantasy for those who can imagine only as far as their life's influence.Reality & Change occur only when we give imagination a break from logic & dream audaciously. For now the human resource leaders , it suffice to start applying strategies beyong corporate balance sheets to balance of life.

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